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Dart Energy is seeking planning permission to undertake exploratory drilling for shale gas at the site, known as Tinker Lane. The application is for exploratory drilling, to check the suitability of the rock for shale gas extraction. New information relating to air quality issues has been provided by the applicant, which local residents, statutory consultees and other interested parties will have a 21 day window to register their views on. The new consultation will only cover the latest information provided and is likely to start in the next seven to ten days. It will be advertised in the local press and on site notices. The Planning and Licensing Committee is likely to consider the application following completion of the consultation on a date to be determined. The County Council has already carried out detailed consultation work on the remainder of the application, seeking the views of over 40 organisations, including statutory consultees, neighbouring local authorities and landowners, County Council departments, national Government departments and agencies and wildlife organisations during last year. The application is for the development of a shale gas well site which would involve the drilling of one vertical exploratory shale gas well, together with three sets of groundwater monitoring boreholes and ancillary works.

Air Force delays mandatory wear-date for 2PFDU, OCP items

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In an effort to reduce unnecessary stress on Airmen and Space professionals during COVID restrictions, several uniform changes scheduled.

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The Tinker molecular modeling software is a complete and general package for molecular mechanics and dynamics, with some special features for biopolymers. Parameter sets for other force field models are under consideration for future releases. Tinker 8 is a major new release of the Ponder Lab tool set for molecular mechanics and dynamics calculations.

Sydney Paralympic Games (Sydney, Australia). Event, Medal, Unit, Date, Rank. Mixed, Group B, , 2. Mixed, Group B, , 3.

This community thrives on love. Love for the music. Love for the culture. Love for one another. Take care of your environment, and it will take care of you. Pick up that stray piece of trash.

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Please read the Special Note for information about our funding strategy for the remainder of The Foundation funds research and advocacy, experimentation, scaling up of promising interventions, and exchange of knowledge and models — with the overarching goal of contributing to large-scale change in policy and practice. We award grants through three program areas that we have prioritized during the last decade because of their importance to the region. Click on the links below to learn more about our current priorities in each program area.

Democratic Governance.

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John F. Petitioner John F. Tinker, 15 years old, and petitioner Christopher Eckhardt, 16 years old, attended high schools in Des Moines, Iowa. Petitioner Mary Beth Tinker, John’s sister, was a year-old student in junior high school. In December , a group of adults and students in Des Moines held a meeting at the Eckhardt home. The group determined to publicize their objections to the hostilities in Vietnam and their support for a truce by wearing black armbands during the holiday season and by fasting on December 16 and New Year’s Eve.

Petitioners and their parents had previously engaged in similar activities, and they decided to participate in the program. The principals of the Des Moines schools became aware of the plan to wear armbands.

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AI promises to go way beyond saving resource here or augmenting capability there. But how should you introduce this disruptor into your business? The UK, which is a global centre of excellence in artificial intelligence AI technology, is now at a tipping point.

Release Date: June Minor Version: (August 16, ). Introduction. The Tinker molecular modeling software is a complete and general package for features are generally placed on this site during February, June and October.

Third-party video players and applications may not offer hardware acceleration, which will result in limited or unstable playback performance. Please refer to the FAQs for more information. Tinker Board is a Single Board Computer SBC in an ultra-small form factor that offers class-leading performance while leveraging outstanding mechanical compatibility.

The Tinker Board offers makers, IoT enthusiasts, hobbyists, PC DIY enthusiasts and others a reliable and extremely capable platform for building and tinkering their ideas into reality. Class-Leading Performance. Tinker Board is also equipped with an SD 3. Multimedia enthusiasts will appreciate the fixed-function H. HD Audio Quality. Its integrated audio jack supports audio output and a microphone in, without an extension module.

Maker-Friendly, with IoT Connectivity. Tinker Board features standard maker connectivity options, including a pin GPIO interface that allow for interfacing with a range inputs from buttons, switches, sensors, LEDs, and much more. A dedicated bus resource designed for the LAN port ensures consistent Ethernet performance. The integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller on the Tinker Board is shielded with a metal cover to ensure minimal interference and improved radio performance. An integrated IPEX antenna header allows for easy antenna replacement or upgrades.

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The Tinkering Fundamentals course will offer educators and enthusiasts an opportunity to develop a practice of tinkering and making. We see tinkering as a serious endeavor—one that is generalizable across content and especially good at interweaving disciplines in a way that leads to complex projects and individualized learning opportunities. Tinkering has recently been introduced into the educational field as a potential driver of creativity, excitement, and innovation in science learning.

It is seen by many as an effective means to engage in exploring STEM concepts, practices and phenomena. For over a decade, the Exploratorium has been developing science-rich tinkering activities for both children and adults. We see tinkering as a fun yet serious endeavor—spanning many disciplines and content areas and fostering connections between art, science, and technology.

Please visit the ASUS USA and ASUS Canada websites for information about locally available products. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Tinker v. Supreme Court established 7—2 the free speech and political rights of students in school settings. On the basis of the majority decision in Tinker v. Des Moines , school officials who wish to regulate student expression must be able to demonstrate that student expressive activities would result in material and substantial interference with the operations of the school or invade the rights of others. When school officials have specific facts that reasonably support predictions of disruption, they can regulate student expression, including banning specified activities.

Under U. As such, students have fewer free-speech rights in schools than they do on public streets. In schools, student free-speech rights must be balanced against the obligation of school officials to protect student safety and privacy and to deliver a quality education. In general, student free-speech rights extend only to expressions of a political, economic, or social nature that are not part of a school program.

Kuhlmeier , school officials can regulate student writing in school newspapers with much less evidence of disruption than they can for student T-shirts or student discussions in the cafeteria. However, school officials can ban some forms of student expression of lewd or obscene natures, including student T-shirts, without any showing of potential disruption, since such speech has little or no educational value. On December 16, , a year-old 8th grader, Mary Beth Tinker, and a year-old 11th grader, Christopher Eckhardt, wore black armbands to school in protest against the Vietnam War.

School officials suspended the students after they refused to remove their armbands. The protests followed a meeting at the Eckhardt house, where the parents of the students discussed ways to protest the Vietnam War.

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. During cleanup, a site can be divided into a number of distinct areas depending on its complexity. These areas, called operable units OUs , may address geographic areas, specific problems, or areas where a specific action is required. Examples of typical operable units include construction of a groundwater pump and treatment system or construction of a cap over a landfill.

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