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Customized to your specific needs, our extensive five-session course of study features one-on-one meetings with your coach, homework, and reading assignments. So, if you are dedicated to your goal—and to improving your dating success—you must be willing to commit at least two hours per week. The goal is to dig deep and figure out the characteristics you liked about each of them and what you did not like—with the goal of mapping out your patterns. Want to be memorable? For a good reason? Your personal brand expresses who you are and sets you apart from the rest of the singles in your area—otherwise known as your competition. We also need to be sure your style presents your personal brand effectively. After all, online dating etiquette means your photos must actually look like you! Professional profiles, online dating profiles, social media profiles—what should stay and what should go to create a better all-around image of yourself. Our dating experts provide dating advice.

Walk up to any woman, get a date. I’ll help you do it.

After 6 sessions I felt solid, healed and excited about my future. Thank you Angela. You are a brilliant therapist and coach.

Ready to find true love? Need Dating advice? Learn to break old patterns & attract quality people into your life with Dating Coach Dr. Chantal!

I trusted her and the process from the second I met with her. She challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone which ultimately achieved great results. In the space of 3 months I went from totally avoiding to enjoying dating, she got me dating a number of guys and I am now dating the same guy for the past 2 months. Before I met Annie I truly didn’t know the type of guy I wanted to attract and was scared of attracting the wrong type due to past experiences.

Our lives were so intertwined that I didn’t know where I ended and she began. My world had been literally turned upside down overnight. I called Annie in panic and she was able to calm me down in a very short time and did her best to prioritise offering me an appointment at very short notice as she could obviously tell I was a mess. Her ability to understand me and help make sense of all of my crazy emotions at that time almost embarrasses me but I feel very lucky to have found her when I did.

Nothing phased her, she listened, she asked the questions that really got me thinking and she understood me. This woman knows her stuff and helped me get my life back together. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Annie worked a lot on my past behaviours and limiting beliefs which is something I could never have dealt with by myself. At the beginning of my sessions with Annie she focused a lot on my self-care and showing up for myself which has been invaluable to me across all areas of my life and was definitely the foundation to me meeting someone.

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Despite being in a field that often gives counseling to others on maintaining their relationships, I actually had no idea about how to manage my own. I was nervous about putting myself out there due to my conservative values but Jasbina was remarkably insightful and helped me understand myself as an individual who would navigate a relationship with another individual for a meaningful and lasting connection.

Her incredible coaching taught me about standards I should keep and compromises I should make in order to find and sustain a relationship that makes me feel truly wonderful. I have felt more confident about navigating this process with her guidance and am now successfully moving forward with my ideal man. I have been able to attract dates and relationships but not the ideal person so I decided to retain the expertise of Jasbina to see how I can improve myself in this world of dating and relationships.

She dating a very practical methodology for dating the right person. And she is with you all the way. The barnett part is she is a wonderful, coaching testimonials​.

What did you like about coaching? Also, I liked that he had goals to accomplish during our sessions and we always completed them. Finally, it was great that I could vent to him, but I really liked that he gave me actionable items to test out in my dating life. What did you not like about coaching? I soon realized I needed more of the latter. What was the outcome of working with Mike? We are still dating today. I look forward to the future with him each day and feel happy we’re in a great place.

Isabella and I At Her Wedding. Mike was invaluable in helping me build up my online profile, helping me avoid making common mistakes and really helping me emphasize all my strengths.


Considering coaching? Contact me using the form below. What you did in the three months we worked together was more than I accomplished in five years of weekly sessions with my psychiatrist. It makes so much sense to me now.

Fleek is an image and date coaching agency committed to help individuals create their own personal branding. Testimonials. “I think the beautiful thing about.

Joann will introduce you to the woman who is well-suited for you physically, emotionally and shares your values. Stop wasting time in dating that goes nowhere and focus on your busy life. Joann will take over searching, recruitment, evaluation for compatibility and be your Dating Concierge handling all the logistics of your first dates.

You will immediately meet women who have been selected for you. As Joann works only with a select number of men, she focuses her time to create immediate results. Joann limits the number of Clients she accepts to provide the time and attention they deserve. If you are ready to stop wasting time and be with the woman you have truly desired, take the next step. Joann helps her clients find the perfect match through her unique 5 step process.

Starting with an Assessment during an initial confidential meeting, Joann learns about who you are, your past, needs and desires. Every woman is pre-screened. Joann then sets up and handles all the logistics of your first date so you can just arrive and create a great Connection.


When I decided to jump back in the online dating pool, I was determined to not repeat the same mistakes. My happiness and gratitude overflows. Thank you Amie! She was able to tap into my negative beliefs that were blocking me from being in a healthy relationship. It was more than just dating advice, it was helping me to get out of my own way and be the best version of me I can be. I know now that I am the chooser and I have standards and framework that finally helped me find the relationship I was deserving of!

With over 10 years of experience and a perfect track record of ZERO divorces, Joann has earned praise from the national media as Phoenix’s Top Dating Coach.

These client testimonials are what people are saying about working with me as their sex and dating coach. Myisha brings patience and compassion to the discussion of the most intimate things. She is encouraging in the practice of a fulfilling sex practice and an empowering force for a personal journey of self discovery and intimate connection. With careful thought and careful observation Myisha creates a space of empowerment. The second time I tried, was with the help of Myisha. After our first conversation, I realized there was quite a long list of reasons why I was in my own way for finding a healthy, long-term relationship.

Needless to say I had some work to do and Myisha was there to help me get past the insecurities I had about dating online. She helped me peel back layers with in-depth conversations and her thoughtful and patient energy made it easy for me to be relaxed and deeply honest with myself. Myisha speaks from experience. Her confidence and willingness to show vulnerability is where I felt most of her power. She listened to me and built tailored activities like visioning, self-portraits and a huge charge for self love which lead me to stepping deeper into my femininity and ultimately my power.

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Date Coaching. When it comes to dating and relationships, your personal dating coach will show you how to get the very best results! Become your own matchmaker — learn how to meet quality singles, weed out the wrong people and attract and keep the RIGHT one for you! Online Dating Help.

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Are you tired of being single when all of your friends seem to be paired up? Does it feel impossible to know what to write in an online dating profile or message? Does putting the time into online dating often feel like another full-time job? Do you want a free one-on-one phone consultation to see if our services are right for you? Make sure you’re putting your best — and most attractive — foot forward using our five rules of thumb for photo selection.

Professional photography also available. It’s important to stand out from the crowd. Get a professionally written profile that shows people what makes you special. No time to search online? That’s okay. Have potential matches selected for you by our team, based on your preferences. Don’t let the daunting task of writing that initial message get you down. Save your time and creative juices by letting us write them.

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