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He has a very limited social life but is so wanting to find a girlfriend and has been joining various well known dating agencies online and spending quite a bit of money to do it but he is finding it hard to accept that his aspergers may put people off. I don’t want him to feel that he is inferior to other folks , which he isn’t , but I really don’t think the websites he has been trying are suitable for him. Does anyone know if there are any “asperger friendly” sites that he could look at? Hi there – I have to say that all of the so called normal dating sites seem to attract people who either want just physical contact or are not quite normal themselves lol – whatever that is – I hope your son finds what he is looking for – I have given up for now and am very happy abate a little sad that I could never keep a relationship going – Sylvia. However a, Autism is NOT inferiority! Evening, I’m nearly 20 now and I’ve just been diagnosed with autisim and I’ve always felt lonely and I’ve tried dating sites.

More support needed for people with autism and complex needs

Number 6 is a service for autistic adults who fit the following criteria: 16 and over, do not have a learning disability and live in the Lothians or the Scottish Borders. Number 6 provides free social opportunities and advice and support on a range of issues. Anyone interested in using the services at Number 6 should book an initial appointment to meet with Kim Maxwell, who will give you a brief induction to the resources available.

Autism Assessment Scotland | ASD Diagnosis | Aspergers Diagnosis | Assessments arranged local to you in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A key aim of the Toolbox is to support educational practitioners, schools and local authorities understand autism and support their learners and families. The Toolbox:. Note: When navigating throughout the Toolbox, downloadable files containing useful information, tools and resources can be found under the ‘Resources’ sub-menu on the right of each page. The refreshed Toolbox has been produced by a specialist working group led by Education Scotland with the from the Scottish Government.

The original online Toolbox was developed by the Scottish Government in partnership with the national charity, Scottish Autism with support from Autism Network Scotland and complemented the original Autism Toolbox which was developed by the National Centre for Autism Studies and launched in The Toolbox does not promote any commercial products. We would like to thank the organisations and individuals who granted permission for their information to be used within the Toolbox.

About the Autism Toolbox.

Grampian Autistic Society Services

The MEd Autism is suitable for those looking to pursue part-time study in this area. It’s ideal if you’re seeking a qualification while working that will enhance your professional practice. The course provides a critical understanding of the conceptual frameworks relevant to understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD.

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The NAS Social Groups Programme is a Scotland-wide, locally run, programme that offers opportunities for people with autism to socialise, mix with peers and be themselves. Our social groups meet regularly and equip members for living independent lives by providing opportunities to form close relationships, as well as developing self confidence and social skills. The groups are user-led and members decide together what activities they will do facilitated by a Social Programmes Manager who in turn is supported by trained volunteers.

Aims, targets and confidence are measured when joining and monitored every six months to ensure an outcome-focused approach to promote independence and life skills. We also get feedback from members, families and volunteers measuring how we are doing, what we could do better and what people particularly enjoy. Activities could include trips out such as going to the cinema, bowling, playing pool, going on a boat trip, a meal out, cookery lessons, a trip to the theatre, karting, or a visit to the museum.

For some their time at the social group may be their only chance to venture out of the house and socialise without a family member. This boosts confidence and enables social skills to increase, enabling them to participate more fully in their local community.

Dating Agencies for Asperger People

Autism-specific research on Sexual Health and Relationships is limited but the evidence available to date indicates that adults with ASD are more likely to be unmarried and isolated, and experience difficulties with social relationships, mental health issues and a poor quality of life. Scotland-wide research on people with learning disabilities, which includes some adults with ASD, produced similar findings. Three quarters of people interviewed were not in relationships and reported significant barriers to achieving this Scottish Government , SCLD They may be more prone to abuse and are more likely to be denied the opportunity to conduct their own lives as any adult would take for granted, including the ability to form and conduct relationships.

But having the chance to make and sustain friendships and relationships is something that improves their wellbeing and quality of life. Many people with learning disabilities want that chance to have a romantic, sexual and long-term relationship.

Next Date. The next day at Glasgow Science Centre with Autism Friendly Hours is scheduled for Sunday, 19 April Times. –.

Employment Themed Project In partnership with autistic led organisations, they will develop autistic led solutions to barriers to employment. This will include an online resource and employer documentation. All training is led by autistic individuals. Will be delivering in the central belt and Dundee. Employment Themed Project Advisory service for employers. Auticon has autistic employees who will design and work with the employers.

Will be delivering in Fife, centrally and the Borders. Employment Themed Project This project will engage with local businesses through business seminars. Autistic young people will challenge misconceptions and negative attitudes through the sessions and help employers to be more autism aware. Will be delivering in Dumfries and Galloway. Will be delivering in Edinburgh and Lothians.

Mental health: autism

New user? Sign up now. Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to ensure that an agenda of real and meaningful change for autistic people is pursued by introducing the following targets and outcomes by

Autism Act is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 22 August There are changes that may be brought into force at a future date.

Sarah draws on personal experience to help adults living with learning disabilities and autism form friendships and find love. Under C-Change Scotland — an organisation supporting people with additional needs — dates-n-mates helps its members create meaningful friendships and relationships. As the Director of dates-n-mates Aberdeen, Sarah is very open about her personal experiences.

Having been diagnosed with autism at an early age, Sarah found it difficult to express her emotions and communicate. As a result, she felt excluded at school and began to suffer from mental health conditions including anxiety and depression. When Sarah became Director of dates-n-mates in , she sometimes struggled. Low confidence and self-doubt played a part, but Sarah battled through to put all her energy into helping others.

Ultimately, Sarah works tirelessly and selflessly to make sure every member is supported and feels included. Sarah recently created a new event for adults with learning disabilities in Aberdeen through dates-n-mates. She used her own ideas to develop an anti-stress sensory workshop which members really enjoyed and found useful. The idea came from her own experiences — she wanted to help others who may sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Putting a smile on their face is always fun!

First dates and new mates

Every Thursday throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, the country is joining together to ClapForCarers. At ENABLE Scotland, we believe in the power of individuals directing their own support and building supportive networks within their local communities. As a charity, we campaigned for the Social Care Self-Directed Support Scotland Act , and we are proud that our colleagues deliver and design social care support services….

Lockdown has meant different things to many of us, and the lessons about how we live and work will have far reaching consequences for a long time to come. For those families who have additional caring responsibilities, there….

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects at least 1% of the population. There is an urgent need to improve healthcare of people with autism.

Completion and evaluation of an early developmental questionnaire, followed by a telephone consultation to discuss the probability of meeting the clinical criteria for an ASD can still be undertaken. Diagnostic assessments can be arranged local to you, wherever you are based in Scotland and throughout the UK. Anne Marie is willing to travel and carry out the assessments in the closest city to you. Anne Marie has worked with autistic adults within mental health services and learning disability services.

Many individuals who are diagnosed in adulthood with ASD, have had a long history of involvement with mental health services for the treatment of conditions such as social anxiety, recurrent depression, OCD, personality disorder, bipolar disorder and eating disorders. She aims to support the individual to develop a greater sense of self and support them to identify strategies to develop and maintain emotional and psychological well-being.

Anne Marie has worked for NHS boards on a consultancy basis, carrying out diagnostic assessments for adults with local clinicians in order to provide locally based assessments while providing the opportunity for experiential learning to promote clinical capacity of local services to better serve this client group. Please leave this field empty. When an individual experiences issues, difficulties or needs, then it is imperative that we are able to formulate a correct and accurate explanation for the issue, difficulty or need.

Failure to do so, results in the wrong support, help or intervention being given and also prevents the correct support, help or intervention from being identified. This is a question I am often asked, however the answer to this always comes from a summary of comments made by adults recently diagnosed by myself. Greater Sense of Autistic Self The most common comments are statements that express value in developing a greater sense of autistic self.

Is Asperger Syndrome still a valid diagnosis? The answer to both of these questions, in October , is YES and will remain so until 1st January

Autistic Spectrum Disorders Toolkit

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Information on gender, age, and postcode sector was determined from nine different datasets maintained for children with autistic spectrum disorder and point prevalence was calculated. The estimated prevalence using a capture—recapture method was The age distribution was similar to that of the background population under the age of 12 years and there was no indication of a rising prevalence.

The ratio of boys to girls was The prevalence of autistic spectrum disorder in a geographically based population employing two source capture—recapture analysis is comparable to that quoted for the best active ascertainment studies. This technique offers a tool for establishing the prevalence of this condition in health service populations to assist in planning clinical services.

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